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About Me

Have camera will travel!

I started photography when I was 16 years old when my father let me use his Kodak Rangefinder camera. I was hooked. In my late teen years I then purchased a 35mm film SLR camera, a Canon T70 after my father’s camera was stolen out the car one day (my fault!)

Whilst I was not an incessant photographer at the time, I was aspirational and experimented a lot. I never really learned the art well enough to call myself a photographer. I took quite a lot of pictures and the T70 was a wonderful camera that gave me some wonderful results. I became known amongst friends and family as “the guy with the camera”. However, due to the rising costs of film and developing it (and being a poor university student), I wound down my photographic activities and only got the camera out on special occasions. It wasn’t until the turn of the new millennium that I could buy (and afford) a decent enough digital camera and have since been learning the art and craft of photography. I was still reluctant to call myself a photographer up until around 2010 when people were noticing how good my photography was. I was always asked “are you a professional photographer?” and it got me thinking that perhaps I’m on to something. Over the years I have shot portraits, covered events and weddings, photographed products and food and am now available for hire.


Portrait Photography

Corporate & Product Photography

Food Photography

Event Photography

Travel Photography


If you wish to contact me, please fill in the form below and I will get back to you.


On Location

I charge a day rate of £950 (up to 8 hours coverage) and a half-day rate of £500 (up to 4 hours coverage).

The prices are inclusive of post-processing and editing.

Any expenses, travel and accommodation costs are covered by the client and agreed to before assignment starts.

Product Photography

Contact me for details.